Don’t Get Rid of Your Dog(s)

You have seen the posts on social media a thousand times. People who are moving and their new apartment isn’t dog friendly. Your friend who randomly bought a puppy while 5 months pregnant is now too overwhelmed for a dog. 

In some situations, I get it. Your dog you adopted is aggressive to your kids and needs to be rehomed. You are in a major financial crises. These aren’t the only situations, but I think people are too quick to get rid of their animals the second they become inconvenient. 

Take my situation for example:

My husband and I have been in and out of school for the past 5 years we have been married. At any point in any of these years, we have not made more than $25,000 a year. We have two dogs, one of which is an ESA for my husband and the other is just so that the other dog has a friend. We have had to spend some of our last bits of money on dog food (which is honestly not that expensive, maybe $30 a month for two medium sized dogs, and not buying the cheapy crap stuff either). We have mostly survived by living with family for reduced rent, splitting houses with friends to make things cheaper, and just living in really cheap and small apartments. We have even lived with family who is allergic to dogs. Our dogs, admittedly, were not in the best environment during that year and a half where they spent most of the time in crates in a garage (where we put fans to keep them cool or did other cooling things in the summer months) or outside in the backyard. But, this was still a better option for us at the time then re-homing our dogs with potentially bad owners. 

In the time we have been married and had dogs, we have moved from Utah to Texas, in and out of 5 or 6 living arrangements, and lived paycheck to paycheck. But, do you know what we didn’t do because it was inconvenient? Get rid of our pretty well behaved dogs, because they are not a disposable source of happiness that we get rid of when inconvenient. 

If you are going to adopt a dog, be serious about it. Don’t adopt a puppy if you aren’t prepared for a dog to pee and poop all over the place for a few months. Don’t adopt a dog if you can’t take the time to train them. Don’t adopt a dog if you are already too tired from dealing with your kids. 

And most importantly, if you do need to get rid of your dog, don’t give them away for free. Take the time and spend the energy to evaluate the homes they are going to, or use a rescue to rehome them. If you got them from a shelter or breeder, check if they will take them back and find them a home. But don’t get rid of your dog on Facebook Marketplace for free to a stranger with a meme for a profile picture. 

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